Kills 99.99% Of Bacteria & Germs With Just The Touch Of A Button.

Purify O3 is FDA registered and exclusively sold through your PAP Equipment Provider - the Purify O3 is the simple & effective way to achieve hospital-grade disinfection for your PAP equipment and supplies!  Purify O3 utilizes ozone (activated oxygen) technology to disinfect and sanitize medical equipment in a short 35 minute cycle*.  No additional pre-wash solutions, filters, or replacement bags required!

Disinfection is now easy and affordable and is available at your CPAP & Home Medical Providers.  Call or request your next appointment!

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $199.00

*Additional 90 minute rest period after the sanitizing cycle required to allow residual ozone to dissipate. One touch button turns on sanitize device, 35 minute cycle required plus resting period for full disinfection. Note: Purify O3 is not recommended to sanitize CPAP/BiPAP Machines. It is designed to disinfect PAP accessories only.

Moisture-Free Disinfection

Purify O3 utilizes ozone technology (known as activated oxygen) for moisture-free, hospital-grade sanitation for PAP and other medical devices.  The use of ozone as a disinfectant is widely used in a number of industries worldwide, including medical facilities, public water purification, food process, and hotel/office housekeeping industries.  No pre-wash solutions, replacements bags or filters are required.

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Ideal For Home & Travel

Purify O3 is lightweight and portable, the ideal solution for use during travel! At less than 1/2 lb and under 5" in length, Purify O3's compact size and ultra-quiet cleansing cycle makes it easy to sanitize at home or while on the go.  The standard set-up kit includes a dual purpose sanitizing/storage bag designed to be used for sanitizing PAP masks/tubing and to store the unit when not in use.

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Simple To Use

Purify O3 features a one-touch control to simplify the disinfection process.  Simply push to start the cycle, Purify O3 automatically shuts off after sanitation is complete.  Easy to read indicator lights make it effortless to understand if the unit is on, has a low battery or when charging is complete.  The cordless design eliminates the hassle of overcrowded outlets - charge via USB port or any wall outlet as needed.

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